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    ~Change Yourself with Yoga and breath~

    Yoga means “Connections” in Sanskrit. Healing Yoga brings you up the strength which connects you to yourself through meditation, poses and chakra.

    In my lesson, I expand your five senses with aroma mists, the sound of the crystal tuner and healing music, which help you concentrate on seeing yourself during a lesson. That also provide you a flexible and fit body. Originally, Yoga is supposed to exist in your life and inside of yourself. The best way to master Yoga is to adjust Yoga to yourself aiming for a healthy body and mind.

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    Kitaoka Chika



    I used to be a banker. I quit my job and went over to Hawaii to master Yoga in 2014. I had learned Yoga for the beauty and health. I think many people have an image that Yoga makes your body more flexible, but it was not made only for the reason. Comfortable and fit poses spontaneously improve your flexibility and strengthen the mind-body connection. When I became a Yoga instructor, I got easily nervous and I was not good at talking in front of students. I often thought this job was not suit for me, but l had a strong feeling that I want to tell more people my Healing Yoga and struggled how I can be better over and over. When I look back on those days, I always think yoga told me how to face myself and establish my own identity. Yoga is not only for your body. Your life with my Healing Yoga will change yourself and lead you to new life!

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    Requests for Events

    It's possible to match a theme and give you yoga lessons from easy to hard ones.

    I have held events at beaches, parks, and mountains.

    If you'd like to know more information such as costs, please feel free to contact me!

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    How do you choose your shampoo? I care about a sense of use, but also I concern about how the company contributes to the environment. This eco shampoo bar called “ethique” has a excellent feeling of use and use no plastic bottles! It’s also surprisingly equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo....
    Today’s tea is Green Tea kombucha. I often make the cold-brew iced one after my lesson. I think it’s easier to drink. Have you ever heard “Yogi Tea”? Each pack comes with a message. Today’s message was “Appriciate yourself and honor your soul”. I usually drink something after my lesson, but I...
    The history of Yoga began thousands years ago. I also feel the importance of mindfulness today. Living now, this moment. It’s going to be a strength of yourself through your life. A day flies by so fast. Your mind is always filled with a connection of others, your family and your job. ...
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